Smoked Albacore 1lb pkg


Prime Sashimi grade white Albacore tuna from the Pacific waters off Northern California and Oregon are smoked over an Alder wood fire to a golden hue. The 9 to 25 pound pole and troll caught albacore from the North Pacific are much smaller and younger than long line caught older fish that can reach up to 70 pounds after 10 to 15 years of growth. The older fish accumulate more mercury over time. Katy’s smokes small troll caught Albacore resulting in a very low mercury level.


We carry only wild caught products. Our albacore tuna comes from pole and troll fleets in the North Pacific working in the United States. Albacore tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean with trolls or polls is a “Best Choice.” The population is healthy in the Pacific and trolls and poles have very low bycatch.The process we use to cure and smoke our fish is entirely natural and takes up to three days to complete. The fish is first smoked without heat, and then gradually the temperature is raised during alder smoking until the fish is completely cooked.

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Weight 1 lbs
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